No Excuses!

Helping You become a Victor Not a victim!


Derek Meyer

CEO and founder of Xtreme Academy

Master Firearm Instructor in multiple weapons

Xtreme instructor in advanced Driving

A man who will teach you to use your strengths and conquer your weaknesses.

Retired. Air force pilot

IPSC shooter.

Derek’s passion in life is motivating people. 

His love is for flying and shooting.

Director and Instructor

Moira Meyer:

Director and co-founder of Xtreme Academy.


Competent in various firearms, unarmed combat as well as self defense.


Her 2 passions in life are animals and teaching people to be prepared.  Be a victor –  not victim.


Her main sport is shooting.



Dee Tzacos

The voice on the phone!


Dee us responsible for reception, PA and bookings.  She will make sure you sign on every dotted line!


Her passion in life is people and baking.


Natasha Roderick

Figure head (accounts)

The most meticulous, pedantic grammar expert.

Her passion in her life is to help and encourage others