Driver training 2

Advanced Driving has been described as:




The ability to control the position and speed of the vehicle safely, systematically and smoothly, using road and traffic conditions to make reasonable progress unobtrusively, with skill and responsibility.”




The skill requires a positive but courteous attitude and a high standard of driving competence based on concentration, effective all round observation, anticipation and planning. This must be coordinated with good handling skills.

The vehicle should always be at the right place on the road at the right time, traveling at the right speed with the correct gear engaged and can always be stopped safely in the distance that can be seen to be clear.

The skills you will gain could assist in the following situations:

  • Driving on the highway and getting boxed in – what is the best course of action to follow.
  • A vehicle/truck suddenly stops in front of you blocking the road – what now ?
  • Double barried road and a vehicle / motorbike is driving fast and very close to your vehicle putting you on edge – what should you do ?
  • You are in an undesirable area and you notice the road has been blocked by branches and objects – what is the best action to take to get to safety.
  • Extreme unexpected weather occurs (hail, snow, heavy mist) and you start losing control of your vehicle or cannot see clearly ahead.  What are your options ?
  • You are driving on a very busy highway and rioters start throwing rocks from bridges you have to pass under – how do you keep yourself safe.
  • You experience that your vehicle has been bumped or you have hit an oil patch /aquaplaning over a patch of water and your vehicle starts to spin – what should you do.
  • Late at night you stop at a traffic light and a bunch of rowdy undesirable characters are surrounding your car – how do you secure your safety ?
  • You find yourself in a situation where you have an extreme medical emergency and have to get someone to a hospital ASAP – what should you be aware of to get them and yourself to the hospital safely.
  • A person gains entry into your home.  You rush to the car to make a getaway – the electric gate is opening slowly – how do you keep yourself safe.



The creation of better drivers equipped with “street smart” knowledge, safety and security awareness to become confident drivers is achieved through a mixture of theoretical and practical driving sessions conducted at our training venue Rosetta in the participants own vehicles.

All courses are conducted in a relaxed, but controlled way to encourage confidence building interaction and involvement.


The focus of training is definitely not on driving fast and dangerously!


A final debrief will recap the day, re-assess the driver’s attitude before our Advance Course Certificates are handed out as recognition of having completed the course.

Three levels are available from basic improvement for those who need to recover their confidence after an accident or bad situation to advanced professional driving.