This is NOT competency training.

Firearm Confidence Training:

This training is for those that already have their competency and want to build their confidence and ability to use their weapon for self defense.


· Control your fear/stress and respond with a clear head.


· How to clear blockages / jams safely


· Handling and basic field stripping of the firearm in all situations.


· Focus on safe handling of weapons at all times


· Small classes and one on one training. 


Each class structured to bring out the best in you and encourage you while you have fun learning. 


It’s well documented that having fun while learning ensures that the information sticks.


We offer a wide variety of targets ensuring that you learn to discriminate and make quick decisions when shooting which includes fun steel challenge, moving targets as well as targets of different shapes, colours and number challenges.


Courses Available

Gentleman Only


Preparation, planning and working through what to do and how to react in bad situations makes the difference between life and death.


The old adage about failing to plan is planning to fail is so true.


Our training helps you to mentally prepare for multiple situations as well as giving you the opportunity to shoot at a variety of both stationery and moving targets.


Many different areas are covered including situational awareness, unarmed combat, firearm confidence (please note this is NOT competency training its designed to build confidence in those who already have a competency) as well as scene preservation to ensure vital leads are not destroyed and there is also a section where we work through your legal rights.


Training includes coping with things that go wrong from weapon jams to uneven surfaces to loading and shooting single handed.

Safety is always of foremost concern and you will be not only competent but also confident in your weapon handling when you complete this course.

Advanced driving and safety in vehicles is also available.



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Ladies Only




So often ladies are brought up to think of themselves as victims and this is not right. 

Preparation, planning and working through what to do and how to react in bad situations makes the difference between life and death. 


We have designed a course specifically for women where we teach you situational awareness, how to stay safe as well as what you have at hand in your home that can double as a weapon.  We also teach you how to defend yourself with a few simple moves and if you own a weapon we make sure you are confident to use it in any situation.


It’s important to learn how to control and use the fight or flight impulse that our bodies automatically enter into. Without previous thought and planning this is not something that “just happens”!


Alertness, awareness and the right mind set help you to stay out of trouble as well as to work out a plan of action when in trouble.


Advanced driving and safety in vehicles is also available.







Family & Teen


Small family groups including children and teenagers.

Half day course designed to ensure that children understand firearm safety and have the opportunity with parental supervision and our training to learn to handle

the parents firearms.

Also the option of training with airsoft pistols.

A lovely way to spend time together as a family while your children learn.






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Ladies Only

Team Building


Not just good for general team building but also a lovely end of year function idea.

We offer clay pigeon shooting or handgun challenges.


Day course also includes lunch.