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We live in violent times and unfortunately burying your head in the sand and saying it will never happen to me is not going to keep you safe!


Preparation, planning and working through what to do and how to react in bad situations makes the difference between life and death. 

In this course we will teach you situational awareness, how to stay safe as well as how to use what you have at hand that can double as a weapon. 

We teach you how to defend yourself with a few simple moves and if you own a weapon we make sure you are confident to use it in any situation. 

Our classes are structured in such a way that you build on basic foundation skills that you can aquire in the first few classes.  This means that you have life saving skills that can be used NOW not only 6 months down the line.

Its important to learn how to control and use the fight or flight impulse that our bodies automatically enter into. Without previous thought and planning this is not something that “just happens”!


Alertness, awareness and the right mind set help you to stay out of trouble as well as to work out a plan of action when in trouble.

Courses available on : Situational Awareness

                                     Pepper Spray Use

                                     Unarmed Self Defence

                                     and combinations as required.

Life is to be Lived, not feared!

Training is offered onsite in Rosetta or in the comfort of your own home. 

A venue of your choosing is available subject to the minimum number of 4 participants (PMB and Midlands surrounding areas).  

Further locations welcomed by prior arrangement.


Bold positive  woman is training with man on the self-defense course in gym.



Introduction into pepper spray and the use of it.


Practical applications of pepper spray.


Legal implications of the use of pepper spray


Practical use and application of pepper spray


A really practical and useful course for teenagers, youngsters just starting university and people who travel alone or in fact for anyone who plans to carry pepper spray