Driver training 2





Confidence Boost


for new drivers and drivers needing to learn improved basic driving techniques.


1 Day course.

Own vehicle essential


Price from R1 800.00 for the day.


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Situational Awareness aka Read the Signs




How to think ahead to stay safe.


Weekend course.  (Own vehicle essential)


Price from R2 800.00.


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Advanced – Take Action


Seriously advanced skills in driving includes time on the skid pan learning how to drive in oil, snow, ice.


PITT manouvers and hijack recovery.


Three day course.


Price dependant on cost of skid pan and hire vehicle.


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Teens & Family


A fun informative half day course which you can attend with your children.


Children will be indivually coached with your weapons especially regarding safety.


Ends with a fun child vs Mom or Dad challege shooting the steel plates.


One day course


Very small groups


Price from R1 000.00 (family of 4)








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Firearm Confidence Training


Basic Confidence Boost


This is for those who have their competency and now want to build their confidence in their weapon handling.


Extreme fun way of spending a day and you will walk away inspired to practise.


One day course.  (Individual or small groups)


Your own weapon and ammo. (Aprox. 200 rounds)  Can arrange to use our weapons if necessary.


Price  R800.00 (per person group of 4)  Individual classes also available on request




Gentlemen Only


Derek is an amazing motivator and he builds on your current level of understanding of your weapon including single handed loading and shooting in difficult situations.


Includes a short session regarding legalities of carrying a firearm and when you allowed to use it.


Ends with a fun challenge on the moving targets.  An extreme day of learning with a lot of fun built in to help you remember.


You will need your weapon and 400 rounds of ammo


Either a full day or split over 2 days.


Price from R800.00 (Per person group of 4)





Ladies Only


This course is specifically designed by a lady for us ladies cause lets face it we do think different from men.


The course includes basic legalities of when you may shoot and the basics on how to carry your weapon.

We pay special attention to single handed loading and shooting cause us ladies are normally carrying or holding something.


There is lots of chance to practice both stationery and moving targets.


We also concentrate on shooting from different positions and difficult angles.


An extreme course that you will enjoy and go home feeling much more confident and aware.


We offer small group courses as well as one day private lessons or 3 hour lessons each week.


You will need your weapon and ammunition.


Price from R800.00


Burger -37




Team Building


So much fun in our team building exercises.


You can choose from:

  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Handgun basic handling with a team shooting   challenge
  • Full day basic self defence and shooting
  • River fun
  • Mud rally


Each team builder is designed around your company needs.  A really great way to build morale and give your staff a Christmas party all in one. 


No alcohol allowed but a lunch can be structured into the costing.


Price from R 1500.00  per person (Sport dependent)



BELGRADE, SERBIA - CIRCA OCTOBER 2014: Security officers protects car with VIP person, circa October 2014 in Belgrade



Pepper Spray


This course includes the legalities of when you may use pepper spray as well as the different ways to use it in varying situations.


3 Hour course.


Small group.  (Indivdual also by arrangement)


Price from R600.00 (per person group of 4) Price includes the training canister for product of choice.  Pepper spray/fog/gel in choice of package additional.




Unarmed Self Defence


Course includes mind set, awareness and helps you to learn how to stay safe.


Viarious methods of defense.


Course can be tailored to your specific requirements and can also be tagged on to a driving course.

Small group or individual


1 Day course


Price from R800.00 (per person group of 4)










Ladies only.


An intense course that is going to make you work through your mindset as well as learn practical techniques to get out of every woman’s biggest nightmare.


Unarmed self defence course must be completed first as a foundation.


1 Day course with a refresher recommended 1 week later.


Price from R850.00 (per person group of 6)

Texan star

Course includes:


Mental Preparation

Weapons Training including tactical shooting

(must have exisiting competency)

Transitional Drills

Driving training

Fitness Training

Unarmed combat

Legal and ethical lectures

Public Relations


Course length 12weeks


Priced from $11575.00 including accommodation and training.


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Shooting Accessories


Trauma bags available

Range bags


Personal bags



“K9” Academy for all your protection dog training requirements.